Service Cops Ltd

When Innovation Matters

Service Cops is a service centered organization that is widely experienced in developing customer experience models to several industries. Service Cops understands the shift in customer consumption trends and has developed a vast ray of tools to keep you in touch your customers and strengthen your relationship. Service cops Leverages state of art Technologies  infrastructure; an Omni channel contact center platform that integrates with other services, CRM and has monitoring dashboards to ensure the right service indicators are tracked in real time.



Service Cops has over 12 years experience developing and implementing different customer experience models in the Banking and Financial Industry in Uganda. One of the key projects has been managing customer experience for one of the leading banks in Uganda. During this Period Service Cops has broken record of some the key industry parameters in the Service industry.  Service Cops  has a 95% service rate (95% calls picked), a 98% First Contact resolution (FCR), a supervisor-Agent Ratio of 1:15 and 100% adherence to schedule.

In the banking Sector, Service Cops has served and still serves commercial banks whose clientele exceed 1.5M customers

Value Proposition

Service Cops customer experience management methodology enables  you to tap into our service experience and our cutting edge technology  to strengthen your customer experience strategy. We offer a plug and play and can develop custom turn key projects at reasonable prices since we already own the technology.



The key benefits include;

* Leveraging an Omni-channel Technology platform; Voice, Web, social media with AI integration

* Excellent Customer experience management; offer redundant resources and a tight supervisor-Agent ratio

* Cost friendly

* Ability to develop the customer experience strategy with you, Service Cops understands the service KPIs.


The following are the industries where this applies;

* Banking and financial Services Industry (BFSI)

* Government/Public

* Civil Society

* Commerce