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When Innovation Matters

Our SUNLYTE Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) is built on a Service Oriented Architecture to provide a secure, scalable and robust integration environment. It provides a one stop and a seamless multi-API integration layer to minimize costs, centralization of Security, enables rapid integrations and convergence of different data transport protocols into a single unified language.

Value proposition

*Provides a uniform Integration; supports multiple services, multiple APIs and multiple transport protocols

*Provides a single point of failure which reduces support costs and requirement

*Improved Security and traceability

*Reduced cost of integration

*Reduced time to market since it enables quick/rapid integration of services and applications provides an analytics layer to provide information about health of systems and business performance

*It provides robust centralized user management abilities

* Optimization through multi-tenancy and providing enough redundancy

Target Audience

*Banking institutions

*Central and Local Government


*First Moving Consumer Goods (FMCGS)

*Any entity that relies on services from several systems or applications

*Any entity that relies on services  from several systems or applications