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Third Party Aggregation/Biller Platforms


Service Cops  Business Technology team has a wide experience in developing and deploying robust Enterprise Grade Third Party Management Platforms in Banking environment. The platforms are custom and built to scale in accordance with the banks need. The platforms are available on both Software as a Service (SaaS) Model and  direct acquisition (Capex) model to our customers.  The Platform has open API protocol and allows for rapid integration of third party services and solutions.

Value proposition


Service Cops Third Party/Biller Management Platforms present a lot of benefits in the banking industry. Our platforms are  provide the following as key benefits;

*Built on a Service Oriented Architecture with open API capabilities that allows rapid integration of third party services

*Provides a single point of failure for third party services which allows rapid resolution of service failures

*Adds an extra layer of security over the Core Banking System by limiting direct integration.

*Capability to handle extra services like authentication and validation if desired

*Our platforms are custom and sized to customer requirements. This provides an opportunity for our customers to pay for what they want rather than for more than they want

*Service Cops provides a flexible pricing regime that is negotiable.