Service Cops Ltd

When Innovation Matters


Oda is a multichannel, multibanked web-based ordering Mobile application. The platform has been developed and extended with a fully-fledged management information system designed for players in the service industry such as restaurants, bars, hotels, beaches, supermarkets etc to have a view of all their business processes in a glance from anywhere at any time. The platform is integrated with multiple payment channels such as Mobile money, banking systems such as agency banking, card payments, visa to enable users pay from anywhere at any time. Whereas the hospitality industry is aimed at service delivery, ODA has been designed to digitize all processes in the various sub-sectors, enabling the players to concentrate on the core business processes for more profits, revenue generation and customer satisfaction. A Management Information System that handles real time reporting and payment in hotel facilities


Value proposition

  1. Order processing and management (Online and within premises)
  2. Mobile Application (Both IOS and Android compatible)
  3. Payments using multiple payment channels (Mobile Money, Visa etc)
  4. Sales and Expense tracking
  5. Digitalized Data collection and analysis
  6. Menu management
  7. Tracking branch performance and appraisals
  8. Profits management
  9. Digital receipts
  10. Outlet and Branch Management
  11. Reporting and analytics
  12. Customer satisfaction surveys and user ratings
  13. Inbuilt CRM for managing all processes of the firm.
  14. API Integration
  15. Integration with bank and telecom systems
  16. Point-of-Sale (POS)
  17. Comprehensive Back Office & Inventory Management (Recipe management and Food costing, purchase management, Stock management including alerts and Inventory, powerful inventory reporting)
  18. Home Delivery Management
  19. Live Dashboard
  20. Kitchen Display System (KDS)
  21. Integrated Online Ordering
  22. Loyalty Program
  23. Accounting Integration (Integrations with other External systems such as QB etc)



  1. Better and improved service delivery
  2. Self service capabilities
  3. Improved time management
  4. Improved convenience of ordering and paying from anywhere at any time.
  5. Convenience of payment using Multiple available payment channels
  6. Reduced transaction charges
  7. Ability to use ODA wallets to make payments

Target Audience

  1. CRDB
  2. Park shoe Bill