Service Cops Ltd

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Our Service/Products

Business Process Outsourcing

ICT Outsourcing

A diverse and versatile IT development and business development team that handles customer IT projects

Customer Care/Services

Our professional Customer Service representatives offer multilingual services Message center with 24/7, Toll Free access

Customer Surveys

Do you want to know what your customers think of your products or services, Please contact us to know more

Sales & Fulfillment

We accelerate revenue enhancement and cost containment while keeping a very high focus on customer experience.

Man Power Sourcing

 Recruitment
 Staff training
 Payroll management system

Data Processing

Service Cops has a dedicated team of data entrants both offline and online to meet your data management objectives

Risk and Business Intelligence

Anti-Money Laundering solutions

Risk management platforms to help institutions meet compliance standards required by regulators.


Solutions that integrate with the Mobile Network operators to ensure that financial institutions inform their customers in real time

Financial Technology


A universal school fees payment solution to enhance easier ways of enabling students pay schoolfees

Motor Third Party

A mobile payment platform and an online banking interface for Motor-Third Party policies

Agent Banking

A robust Agent Banking platform that is currently used by Uganda largest commercial bank


A multi-channel multi-banked web based and mobile ordering application for managing restaurants


Provides stakeholders with an improved collections management system


Helps all insurance companies to fully automate their operations


A platform designed to enable students in schools deal with savings and pocket money in a convenient and efficient way


Service Cops Limited has developed a web based pharmaceutical platform