Service Cops Ltd

When Innovation Matters

Service Cops is involved in managing customer care processes and sales projects for major banks, NGOs and Telecoms. It currently manages a contact center for Centenary Bank, a 1.5M customer base bank with over 13,000 calls per month

Contact center Solutions:

Service Cops is involved in developing, setting up and customizing contact center solutions for a number of clients. We set up contact center’s that are custom to the needs of our clients. Service Cops is experienced in managing call centers and this makes it easier to implement the call center with

appropriate requirements. We understand the Key performance indicators (KPIs) to look for in every industry and can undertake contact center turnkey projects.

Inbound Customer Support:

We offer our clients with courteous, professional, knowledgeable agents with crystal clear voice quality, customized

Outbound Services :

We handle custom outbound projects for our clients. They include but are not limited to;

Tele sales and upselling of client products:

Service Cops has a very deep experience in management of tele sales in the banking industry specifically credit cards and personal loans management

Marketing and sales information:

We have been involved in management of sales information especially pertaining to targeted campaigns

Market Surveys: :

Service Cops has been involved in implementing and managing market surveys as a way of collecting rapid information about products and services in the market place

Customer Retention Management: Service Cops Limited understands customer retention education campaigns especially for new customers.