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School pay is a universal school fees and tuition collection web based and mobile (USSD and smart application) solution targeting schools, universities, technical institutes to enhance their capacity to provide safer and easier ways of enabling students pay school fees or tuition using multiple payment channels such as mobile money, mobile  banking platforms.

* Integrated with a payments API
* multiple payments aggregation
* Over 10 banks and three telecoms, provides user interfaces for
schools, banks and partners
* Custom and simple to use Web Interfaces

* Multiple payment channels
* Real time Mobile payments settlement and reconciliation
* Management of information (MIS for schools) to manage
student/school information for free
* Secure payments
* Enables appropriate planning and financial management


Manage & Track your business better with Sasula
Over view:
“SASULA” is an Enterprise platform that enables payment Collections over mobile, bank and other channels for business customers especially in distribution businesses.

The platform enables business owners to visualize their distribution channel and provides a straight to bank option for mobile payments which reduces risks associated with cash management.

Platform is a fully fledged Management Information System for business with an easy to use interface to

* Manage customer set up
* Customer update
* Payments reconciliation
* Stock management
* Invoicing and reporting

* Offers a free Management Information System
* Centralized view of payments from all channels
* Ability to visualize the sales pipe line by click of a button, see how much sales are coming in and all the outstanding invoices that are uncleared

Agency Banking

Service Cops Limited with its partners has developed a robust Agent  banking platform that is currently used by Uganda largest commercial  bank by numbers.

* Secure Agent banking platform delivered over secure core banking engine with redundancies to cater for growth.
* Several APIs to integrate with Core banking systems and other third parties

* Secure
* Scalable, offers a plug and play solution with minimal changes
* Offered on Software as a service basis, no capital expenses

Motor third party Platform

Service Cops Limited has developed a motor third party platform with IRA in conjunction with URA which is composed of a mobile payment platform and an online banking interface for Motor-Third Party policies.

The purpose of the platform is to eliminate manual information exchange among the selected partners and simplify the process of obtaining motor vehicle data, to develop and roll out a mobile payment solution for Motor-Third Party Insurance Policy and to create a mechanism for URA to receive data of interest from the agencies with a view of effectively managing information access and ensuring  information integrity when received by authorized entities.


Swallet is a secure Multi-Banked, Multi-channel platform designed to enable students in schools deal with savings and pocket money in a
convenient and more efficient way. It is embedded with a mobile application that is integrated with core banking systems and Mobile Money platforms creating accessibility to channels such as agency banking, internet banking, Mobile money and other mobile Platforms.

Mobile Microinsurance and Bancassurance Platform

Services Cops Limited has a developed a micro insurance and bancassurance product known as “U-INSURE “for insurers, banks and telecom companies which allows them to use mobile phones to address two main challenges facing the microinsurance sector i.e. increasing efficiency and reaching scale.

Pharmaceutical System

Service Cops Limited has developed a web based pharmaceutical platform and mobile application that enables all players in the pharmaceutical industry and sector to make orders for products throughout the value chain, with a provision to manage sales and make payments using various payment channels.

Restaurant Platform

Service cops limited has developed a web-based platform and mobile application specifically targeted for restaurants, hotels and all players in
the catering industry.   

This platform will mainly be used by the restaurant owners to make orders for their clients, while providing provision for the clients to make payments using any of the available payment channels such Mobile Money.

Through this platform, the business owners will be capable of viewing all sales and orders made in the business on a particular day.