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ICT Solutions,

Risk Management Solutions

Our ICT service offering is strategically offered on partnership basis of Software as A service (SaaS). Companies no longer have to spend hefty sums on capital expenses; we offer solutions on use/lease and or revenue share basis.

Bespoke ICT solutions Outsourcing: Service Cops has a diverse and versatile IT development and business development team that handle customer IT projects on consultancy or one-off basis. We develop project requirements and virtualize the requirements into realistic business software solutions.

Our Team is multitalented and can handle diverse IT requests; several coding languages and frameworks

Service Cops development team has delivered bespoke IT solutions to different sectors in Uganda;

Third Party Biller Aggregation Platforms (Middle ware/switches). :

Service Cops Limited develops third-party application interfaces for Banks and telecoms.

Centenary Bank and Pride MFI rely on this Technology to integrate with their third-party providers and Vendors to manage risk and reduce costs associated with direct integrations.

Business Intelligence and transactional systems:

Anti-Money Laundering Systems (AML): Service Cops Limited develops risk management platforms to help institutions meet compliance standards required by regulators.

Pride Microfinance Limited (PML) relies on our custom AML platform to manage internal transactional risks and meet her compliance needs.

Virtual Customer Care interface:

To improve customer experience, Service Cops Limited has also developed a virtual Mobile Interface that enables banks to interact with the client in real time via USSD.

Transactional Banking MIS :

Service Cops develops solutions and integrates with the Mobile Network operators to ensure that financial institutions inform their customers in real time what is happening on their accounts. This averts fraud, reduces cost of transactions and improves customer experience

Business Intelligence and Analytics: Service Cops is involved in data analytics to give management a tool to enable instant decision making. Based on the transactional banking MIS statistics, Service Cops is able to make informed analytics that helps management make important decisions

Data processing and Management:

Service Cops has a dedicated team of data

entrants both offline and online to meet your data management objectives