Service Cops Ltd

When Innovation Matters

Service Cops has  wide experience in the Telesales and Telemarketing space. It is the pioneer of telesales of  Credit cards, Loans, over drafts in the Banking and Financial industry in Uganda. Over the years, Service cops has broken sales records with major banks for several products and services.

The telesales service can be offered on premise or off premise depending on the customer requirements. We have a wide range of talent and have understanding with major universities to help us replenish our human resource requirements

Value proposition

Because we trust our selling capabilities, we only charge you upon success.The Service Cops Telesales proposition does not need budget other than the cost of communication.



* Stack of tools and Technologies that you can leverage on to increase your sales

* Deep experience in Telesales

* Cheaper to implement since, cash out lay is against a cash inflow (successful sale)

* Service Cops team deeply engages in supporting and helping in the planning phase of the telesales project.


*  Banking and  Financial Services

* Commerce