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Banking Transactional Alerts


Service Cops Alerts Management Engine/solution gives capability your business to tract key business operation via the transaction alerting mechanism.In the case of financial institutions, Service Cops Alerts Solution; Moonlight is integrated to the Core banking System (CBS) either directly or via an aggregator like ESB or any middle ware. The solution comes with an SMMP connection to an SMS Aggregation platform with ability to delive sms alerts to all Mobile Network Operators (MNOs).

Service Cops relies on its reporting engine translates the alerts information into operational reports and dashboard to enable management to make key operational and strategic  decisions.


Value Proposition

Service Cops Limited offers this platform to banks on Software as  a Service (SaaS) basic and on a license capital expense model.

*This solution offers management visibility  of what is happening in real time through reports and enables them reports for strategic solution.

*This solution in addition comes with a SMMP connection with SMS aggregation capabilities for all Mobile Network Operators.

*This solution acts as fraud alert mechanism both the transacting clients and the bank and can also be use by the transacting clients as confirmation of payment for business to progress between customers.

*Availability of this solution has improved customer experience within the banks we serve since it de-congests banking halls. The bulk of customers in banks are looking for account balance information


Authentication and Transactional Validation


Service Cops Alerts Management solution has been integrated   to provide an an additional layer of security during validation and authentication of transactions for transactional platforms like Mobile Banking, Overt the Counter (OTC), Agency banking and  Card Transactions.  In this security Ecosystem, our alerts solution is able to securely communicate a One Time Password (OTP) via SMS. This provides an additional layer of security to reduce the risk of unauthorized transactions should  fraudsters access the transacting interface or gadget