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Fincom Technologies Limited

Fincom Technologies is a wholly owned subsidiary of Service Cops that was created to handle the payments operations business. As per the NPS Act of 2020, we were required to get Licensed by Bank of Uganda because of our business lines like School Pay and SASULA.

Since Service Cops runs other business lines outside this scope, a decision was made to create a new entity that would then get licensed as per the Law. This is how Fincom Technologies was birthed.

We are thrilled to share the exciting news that Fincom Technologies’ recently got Licensed as a Payment Systems Operator (PSO) and a Payments Systems Provider (PSP) and as such are regulated by the Bank of Uganda.

The license granted by the Bank of Uganda signifies that Fincom Technologies has met rigorous regulatory requirements and has demonstrated its ability to operate as a Financial Technology institution that complies with all legal and ethical standards. This is a testament to Fincom Technologies’ dedication to transparency, customer protection, and compliance to the laws of the land.

With this license in place, Fincom Technologies is poised to expand its range of services, offering customers even more options and opportunities to manage their finances effectively. Whether you are a School or Business seeking comprehensive financial management services, Fincom Technologies is now better equipped than ever to serve your needs.

As Fincom, we are committed to continue innovating as we bring cutting-edge solutions into the market maintaining the highest standards of service and security.

Charity Atukwatsa Mutagamba,

CEO, Fincom Technologies

+256 414 597 599

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